Rod Brown

Starting, Scaling and Selling Your Business

Born in the small coastal city of Wilmington, N.C., Brown has worked in operations and in the financial services industry. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Information Systems from Winston-Salem State University, he began working at Wachovia Bank, which is now a part of the Wells Fargo Company. He began at Wachovia, working in the bank’s Operations Division, in which he managed Cash Management Services, and he left Wachovia as a Vice President in its Wealth Management Division, as a Financial Advisor.

Brown co-founded the software company in 2005 with Trinity Manning and Ty McLaughlin. As a result, they developed (, a fast-growing, web-based tool used by behavioral healthcare companies in the Southeast. What started out as a tool to help Behavioral Healthcare Clinicians manages notes about their patients is now a sought-after Practice Management tool for behavioral healthcare firms. After seeing the success of, Brown and his partners are aiming to expand the business to help offer a more streamlined management system for a host of business professions and their respective industries.

11:25 – 12:10

Saturday Morning Sessions March 27th Sessions

Scaling, and Selling Your Business

Learn how to take a company from start-up to scale and then finally, exit by selling the business.  Exiting a company is one of the most lucrative ways to obtain wealth fast.  Know what investors look for and how to build your business to sell is priceless.  If you or want to be a business owner you will want to be in this session.