Marcus Rosier

Sunday Worship Session

When asked what he does for a living Marcus simply says, “I change lives.”

He helps coaches and entrepreneurs make money online and non believers learn about God and believers grow in their faith.

As An Online Monetization Consultant Marcus helps Entrepreneurs and Coaches

Market their brand and business.

Create and SELL Courses, Digital Products and Programs.

Build Sales Funnels and Automate their business And MONETIZE Online w/ My 5 Step Monetize Online Business Blueprint (MOBB) system

He has simplified the online space offering.

DO IT YOURSELF MARKETING SERVICES- a comprehensive on demand training portal and live Mentorship.

DONE WITH YOU MARKETING SERVICs - where he implements his entire marketing, sales and automation system with you in only 6 weeks.

DONE FOR YOU MARKETING SERVICES - you think it and he creates it (marketing strategy) write it(sales copy & emails) automate it(funnels), sale it (webinar script, sales script and social media strategy).

As a Pastor Marcus of The EPIC Nation a global online church and community helps believers grow in their relationship with God by making the Bible and Faith relevant to today and practical. The EPIC Nation focuses on what they refer to as Core 3 offering Spiritual Development, Professional Development and Social Networking

Marcus has a list of accomplishments that are all connected to his mission to Be EPIC empower people and inspire change.

23 books written 4 Books Published in One year.

3 Motivational Audio Albums and an Audio Book

2 Podcasts (Business Podcast ) Win The Day with Marcus Y. Rosier and (Faith Podcast) The EPIC Nation.

He currently resides in bothAtlanta, Ga. and Fort Lauderdale, FL.


6:10 - 6:15

Sunday Worship Session March 28th - Worship Session

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