Blue Benji

Trading Expert

Some may know him and Courdae Ransonnet, but to the Trading World he's known as Blue Benji. Blue Benji because in the trading world it's all about seeing blues on the charts and that brings the money. Benji started his Forex career in 2018 working through a few companies, before deciding to put all of his time into being self-taught. Benji has put in hundreds of hours and profited over six figures while becoming the master trader he is today. He started his own personal trade and training group called Powerhouse Pips; where they crowned him the title "Mr. Teach You How To Quit Your Job". Through Forex, Benji has helped over a dozen of people quit their jobs and become profitable full-time traders. With an 80% accuracy trade rate, Benji is ready to teach the masses and help thousands more become profitable traders. Courdae is now the Department Head of Forex at Be Free University, where he will be responsible for bringing in and leading a team of credible educators on the platform. 

11:25 – 12:10

Saturday Morning Sessions March 27th Sessions

How to Rob the Banks... Legally

Ever felt that urge to rob a bank? Well today is the day we rob the banks and brokers... the legal way. Come tap in and get the tools we use with forex to get away with the perfect robbery.

2:25 - 3:10

Saturday Evening Sessions March 27th Sessions

Turn My Screen Blue

There is only one color you want on your screen when trading and that is 'BLUE'. Blue screens mean you are making money and in profit.  Blue Benji is the person you want to show you how to turn your screen blue and keep your screen blue.