Derick Harper

The Power of Leveraging Credit

Mr. Derrick Harper Sr. A native of Swainsboro, GA, is an entrepreneur that has been able to successfully launch quite a few business models. With his flagship being Derrick Harper Enterprise. He is also responsible for Founding The Credit Repair University, WhiteLabel, CRO, Automate My Flow, YULA (Young Urban Leaders of America), Reach1000,  and the highly successful Point Boosters Co.

His passion for systems and compliance is why lots of peers respect him. His success with this has led to him becoming one of the most respected Credit Repair Experts in the industry. Now, Mr. Harper helps Entrepreneurs Build, Organize, Document, and Delegate their businesses, then set up internationally to reach 7 to 8 figures annually by incorporating Virtual Assistants and Developers for full business footprints.

 Holding expert-level experience in technology, he's always had a thirst for knowledge without being restricted to being bogged down with labrador work. This led to Automate My Flow: where his company builds out automated businesses that allow fellow business owners to free up their time, generate revenue, and walk in their purpose work.


Mr. Harper accepts proudly the term "Veteran" and "Servant", because he is a Proud Air Force Veteran that has an insurmountable amount of love for this great country. Also, he loves the motto "Make sure your servant's broom is bigger than your ego" because he knows that leading with a servant's heart allows a life of abundance.

This mindset has allowed him to build 8 figure businesses while pouring into the community and becoming a philanthropist.

TEDx Speaker x 2

US. Air Force Veteran

Silent partner/investor in over 20 businesses

4.30 - 5:00

Friday Evening March 26th

How To Leverage Credit to Produce Wealth

One of the quickest ways to build wealth is through leveraging credit. What is the purpose of having good credit if you don't know how to leverage it. Learn how you can use credit to start businesses, buy real estate, and build wealth.